• 1 Face Masks
    3-Ply Surigcal Masks, 2-Ply Form Fitted masks, and Flame Retardant 2-Ply Masks
  • 1 Gear Bags
    343FIRE has a wide selection of gear bags in many colors – or let us custom manufacture bags to your specifications!
  • 2 Vest and Vest Kits
    Vests and Vest Kits to any specification, size or color!
  • 3 Equipment Bags
    343FIRE can make every type of equipment bag for every kind of job!
  • 4 Rope Bags
    343Fire carries the largest selection of rope bags for every kind of application.
  • 5 Wildland Bags
    Our unique brush bags are available in a variety of sizes to easily carry and deploy forestry hose!
  • 6 Umbilical Covers
    Umbilical Covers are 100 ft. long and designed to hold breathing lines, communication cables, safety lines, etc.
  • 7 Open End Cribbing Bag
    Bag allows for both storage and easy access to cribbing. Holds nine 4x4s or six 4x4s and six 4x4 wedges.
  • 8 Forcible Entry Bag
    Holds all your tools in a rugged bag made of 1000D Cordura with a reinforced lining of 18oz RipStop vinyl.
  • 9 Clear Pockets
    Clear Pockets help you organize and see small, loose items. Store gloves, gauze, bandages, tape -­ hundreds of uses.
  • 10 Phone:(570)725-3597 Email: info@343fire.com
  • 10 Phone:(570)725-3597 Email: info@343fire.com

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