Custom Products

Custom products

343FIRE's strength is in custom manufacturing to create any product to meet your needs. Contact us for a free quote.

custom bag set dive command kit
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Custom Printing & Silk Screening

343FIRE has in-house print capabilities so we are able to add custom titles on ANY product we create.
We are here to serve YOU without additional set-up fees!!!

custom arm band printing
Custom arm band
custom cone cover
Custom cone cover
custom brush bag
Custom brush bag

Custom Imprint & Embroidery

343FIRE can imprint your company logo or add embroidery to a variety of our products. Great for trade shows and conventions!
We are here to serve YOU. Email us to request more information or request samples or quotes.
Feel free to offer suggestions and feedback in an email to us. We are always looking for new, unique ideas. As custom manufacturing is our strength, we are able to make nearly anything!

custom embroidery
Custom embroidery available on most items - click for larger
custom imprint
Custom imprint
custom patch
Custom patch on products