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    Out of Service Hydrant Covers

    Out Of Service Hydrant Covers can be used with any choice of title. Covers are made of rugged MagnaTuff with a PVC waterproof inner backing. Reflective title down front of cover. Wide 2″ D-ring and cinch strap in back secures cover to hydrant. Size: 30″H x 17.75″ diameter (55″ Circumference). Custom sizes available. Covers are available with or without a top grommet for hydrants with snow poles.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #OS-COVER1 With snow pole grommet 30″H x 17.75″ diameter
    (55″ Circumference)
    #OS-COVER2 W/out snow pole grommet 30″H x 17.75″ diameter
    (55″ Circumference)

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    Rabbit Tool Bag

    Rabbit Tool Bag offers padded sides and a hard bottom to protect bag contents. Includes two 15″ rails on bottom of bag for extreme durability. 4″ Foldover velcro belt secures tools and equipment. Includes adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry and transport. Choice of 18oz vinyl or MagnaTuff (Cordura-like material).​

    Style Description Dimensions
    #RABBIT-V Vinyl Rabbit Tool Bag 20″L x 8″H x 12″D
    RABBIT-C MagnaTuff Rabbit Tool Bag 20″L x 8″H x 12″D
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    Forcible Entry Bag

    FE-100: Holds all your tools in a rugged bag made of 1000D MagnaTuff with a reinforced lining of 18oz RipStop vinyl. This bag can take a beating! Tools won’t wear through material. Velcro closure for quick access. Includes outside pocket with reflective striping, and carry handles. Adjustable shoulder strap attaches to bag D-Rings on each end.

    FE-200: An XL Version of the Forcible Entry Bag to hold even more tools. Made of the same dual-layer materials with ZIPPER CLOSURE!

    Style Description Dimensions
    #FE-100 Forcible Entry Bag 36″L x 8″H x 8″D
    #FE-200 Forcible Entry Bag 36″L x 16″H x 16″D

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    Search Bag

    Padded, Divided, Search Bag with full front cover, your custom title, and shoulder strap. Four padded internal compartments, and hard bottom protect tools and equipment inside bag. Made of durable MagnaTuff with Velcro closure.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #SEARCH Search Bag 16″L x 12″H x 6″D

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    RIT-SCBA Operations Pack

    RIT-SCBA OPERATIONS PACK has 5 compartments to hold everything you need. Size: 34″L x 12″H x 12″W

    • MAIN Compartment includes padded walls and padded hard bottom to support SCBA pack and tank, dual zipper easy access.
    • END MASK POUCH holds mask with “pass thru” to main compartment for regulator hose. Velcro closure. Molded Handle on outer Mask Pouch for “Grab & Go” operation.
    • END LINE POUCH will hold 200ft of 8mm line, includes webbing loop in bottom of pouch to secure line, zipper closure.(Line not included).
    • Two Outer pockets on each side of Main Compartment, Velcro closure, are deep and wide to hold additional items. Includes Reflective ANSI-certified TripleTrim on pockets.
    • Webbing Carry handle is sewn around body of bag to support contents, includes Velcro wrap handle.
    Style Description Dimensions
    #HP-600 RIT SCBA Operations Pack 34″L x 12″H x 12″D

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    Extreme Tool Bag

    New Extreme Tool Bag is as tough as they come! Hard bottom and rails protect tools. Zipper opening extends into sides for full “wide-mouth” access to bag. Two XL side pockets with velcro closure, reflective TripleTrim. Includes Carry handles and detachable Shoulder Strap.

    *Product design courtesy of South Shore Fire & Safety

    Style Description Dimensions
    EXTREME-V 18 Oz Vinyl 19″ x 10″ x 10″
    color choices
    Style Description Dimensions
    EXTREME-C heavy red canvas 19″ x 10″ x 10″
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    Equipment/Tool Bags

    Large bag stores tools, equipment – any items – for easy transport or storage. Made of heavy, waterproof vinyl with wide carry straps. Straps sewn along sides and under bag distribute weight of tools. Top half of bag opens for easy access to tools, Velcro closure. Padded bottom protects tools and equipment.

    Add-on Option: add any custom lettering to the Equipment Tool Bag, up to 20 letters or numbers. Black print only.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #ETB2 Equipment Tool Bag 24″L x 12″H x 9″W

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    Standpipe Bag

    Fully padded standpipe bag protects pressure gauges, nozzle heads, elbows and adapters. Includes hard bottom, and removable shoulder strap. Large external pocket stores spanner wrenches, pipe wrenches, etc.-all protected by a bag cover flap to keep everything in the bag, even if dropped. Reflective TripleTrim and reflective Standpipe label make bag easy to spot and retrieve, even in low light conditions.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #STAND-C Standpipe bag made of MagnaTuff w/ hard bottom 20″L x 14″H x 6″D
    #STAND-V Standpipe bag made of 18oz. vinyl w/ hard bottom 20″L x 14″H x 6″D
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    Hydrant Tool Bag

    Convenient storage and transport of spanner and hydrant wrenches. Zipper closure with velcro flap cover. Two sets of velcro cinch straps easily attach to any size fire hose. Webbing pull strap on end.

    *Tools not included

    *Product design courtesy of South Shore Fire & Safety

    Style Description Dimensions
    HTK-3 Hydrant Tool Bag 22″L x 6″W x 6″D
    HTK-4 Hydrant Tool Bag, XL 26″L x 6″W x 6″D

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    Hydrant Tool Kits

    Convenient storage and transport of spanner and hydrant wrenches. Two sets of heavy Velcro straps on back of tool kit easily attach to any size fire hose. *Tools not included

    Unique Features:

    • Made of yellow or red 14 -oz. Ripstop Vinyl with front flap Velcro closure
    • Standard size: 22″L x 8″W XL size: 26″L x 10″W
    • Available with or without silk-screening
    Style Description Dimensions
    #HTK-1 Standard Hydrant Tool Kit 22″L x 8″W
    #HTK-1P Standard Hydrant Tool Kit – printed 22″L x 8″W
    #HTK-2 XL Hydrant Tool Kit 26″L x 10″W
    #HTK-2P XL Hydrant Tool Kit – printed 26″L x 10″W

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    SAR Buckets

    Our unique SAR buckets have plenty of room to hold hydrant tools, equipment or debris. Can be used to raise or lower equipment, carry tools… almost any job. Each SAR bucket includes four webbing straps surrounding the bucket, with O-ring attachment to secure to fire truck or other equipment. Grommet in bottom for drainage or securing rope.

    Four Styles Available:

    • BK-1: Made of rugged 18-oz. vinyl. 4 side holsters for wrench storage.
    • BK-4: Made of rugged 18-oz. vinyl. 2 side holsters & 2 side pockets, Velcro flap closure.
    • BK-3: Made of rugged 18-oz. vinyl. One side holster.
    • BK-5: Made of rugged 18-oz. vinyl. Velcro lid and 4 side holsters.
    Style Description Dimensions
    #BK-1 SAR Bucket with 4 side holsters 14″H x 36″circumference
    #BK-4 SAR Bucket with 2 side holsters & 2 pockets 14″H x 36″circumference
    #BK-3 SAR Bucket with 1 side holster 12″H x 36″circumference
    #BK-5 SAR Bucket with Velcro lid & 4 holsters 14″H x 36″circumference

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    Saw Blade/Utility Bags

    Super Heavy Duty Bags are made of dual layer MagnaTuff! The toughest bag available! Double-stitching and reinforced padded bottom. All bags can hold 6-10 blades up to 14” dia. Medium and Large bags have plenty of room for extra tools and 1-gallon fuel cans.

    Unique Features:

    • 2 outside pockets, 1 with Velcro flap closure
    • 3 inside pockets
    • 38″ padded shoulder strap
    • ANSI Triple-Trim Reflective striping on both sides of bag
    Style Description Dimensions
    #UTIL-1 Utility Bag – Small 15″L x 15″H x 4″W
    #UTIL-2 Utility Bag – Medium 15″L x 15″H x 6″W
    #UTIL-3 Utility Bag – Large 15″L x 15″H x 8″W

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    Stuff Bag

    Lightweight nylon “Stuff” bag with carry handle provides convenient personal item storage and carry. Smooth drawstring operation with cordlock. Available in black only.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #STUFF Stuff bag: Black 15″ H x 10.5″ Dia.
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    Flare Bag

    Holds 24 standard flares. Reflective TripleTrim around bag. Made of MagnaTuff material, with nylon top for easy drawstring closure. Includes shoulder carry strap. Size: 19″H x 7″diameter.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #FLARE Flare Bag 19″ H x 7″ Dia.

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