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    Arm & Leg Splints

    Arm and Leg Splints are made of washable vinyl and high density padding with durable rods to immobilize limbs. 2″ wide Velcro closures. Economical and easy to use.

    Style Description
    #SPLINT-A Arm Splint
    #SPLINT-L Leg Splint

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    Backboard Straps

    Quickly secure patient with backboard straps. Each strap is 6′ long, made of 2″ wide webbing.

    Choose from two styles:

    • STRAP-2C: Includes heavy-duty seatbelt buckle and steel swivel clip hooks on ends
    • STRAP-1C: Includes plastic quick-release buckle and wrap-around Velcro ends
    Style Description Dimensions
    #STRAP-2C Set of 3 straps with seatbelt buckle and steel swivel clip hooks 6’L x 2″W
    #STRAP-1C Set of 3 straps with plastic quick-release buckle and wrap-around Velcro® ends 6’L x 2″W
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    EMS Packs/Medical Sandbags

    Medical sandbags can be used by EMS/Rescue personnel to stabilize any patient area. Sandbags come in 4 sizes, color-coded by weight. Outer shell is rugged, washable vinyl with convenient carry handle. Internal sand is encased in plastic to prevent leakage.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #SAND-1 Red, holds 3lbs. sand 9″H x 5″W
    #SAND-2 Yellow, holds 5lbs. sand 12″H x 6″W
    #SAND-3 Orange, holds 7lbs. sand 15″H x 7″W
    #SAND-4 Brown, holds 10lbs. sand 17″H x 8″W
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    Padded Board Splints

    Padded board splints have 1/2″D x 3″W solid wood core, covered with high density foam on one side. Vinyl covered splints are washable and re-usable. Rugged material stands up to years of use and abrasion. Splints are available individually or in a complete kit with carrying case.

    Style Description/Dimensions
    #BS-12 12″ Splint
    #BS-18 18″ Splint
    #BS-36 36″ Splint
    #BS-KIT Entire kit with case

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    Patient Soft Stretchers

    Soft stretchers can easily move patients from space-restricted areas, especially up or down stairways. Multi-handle option made from wide heavy-duty webbing. Stretcher is durable, washable 18-oz RipStop vinyl.

    Choose from two styles:

    • #PSS-1 Large: carries adults up to 350lbs.
    • #PSS-2 XXL: carries multiple children or oversize adults
    Style Description Dimensions
    #PSS-1 Large soft stretcher 30″W x 70″L
    #PSS-2 XXL soft stretcher 50″W x 79″L

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