Staging Mats

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    RIT Staging Mat

    RIT Staging Mat with 5ft x 7ft section for tools and 5ft x 3ft area for air cylinders. Pleated design keeps cylinders from rolling. Includes reflective panels: TOOLS, RIT, RIT, AIR…or your choice of any 4 panel labels. Total size: 5ft x 10ft. Made of 18-oz vinyl in any two color combinations of orange, black, red, white or yellow.

    Style Description Dimensions
    RITMATS Rit Staging Mat 5ft x 10f

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    SCBA Air Mats

    SCBA Air Mats hold 32 air cylinders of any size. Pleats prevent cylinders from rolling off mat. Comes with four reflective panels: FULL, EMPTY, SCBA, SCBA – or your choice of any four titles. Titles are 4″ x 9″ 3M Scotchlite™. Mat is made of durable, 18-oz RipStop vinyl.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #AIRMAT SCBA Air Mat 5’W x 10’L

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    Ground Cover Mats/Salvage Covers

    Ground Cover Mats protect portable water tanks from sharp objects on the ground. Can also be used as a salvage cover to protect property from damage during fire fighting. Made of durable, 18-oz RipStop vinyl. *Ground Cover Mats/Salvage Covers can be made to any custom size, if desired.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #GC-MAT Ground Cover Mat 5’W x 10’L

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    Utility Staging Mats

    Utility Staging Mats are made of durable, 18-oz vinyl. Center ID Panel “STAGING” is black print on a 3M Scotchlite™ reflective panel. Center ID Panel can be any custom words (19 characters or less) for no additional cost; HAZMAT, FIRE RESCUE, or FD Station Name.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #UMAT-6 Utility Staging Mat 5’W x 6’L
    #UMAT-10 Utility Staging Mat 5’W x 10’L

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    Floor Runner, 18oz vinyl

    3ft x 20ft Made of 18oz Vinyl. Color choices: Red, Yellow, White, Black, Orange. Custom sizes available.

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    FLOOR Floor Runner, 18oz vinyl 3ft x 20ft

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