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    Hose Straps

    Heavy-duty orange nylon straps wrap around hose and secure with steel patented seatbelt buckle. 2-inch wide straps are adjustable from 18″ to 32″, with reinforced stitching. Nylon Tensile Strength: 4400 lbs. per inch. Straps are sold individually, or in sets of three.

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    #HS-O Hose Strap, individual
    #HS-O-SET Hose Straps, set of 3
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    Eagle Claw CINCH STRAPS

    New EAGLE CLAW Cinch Straps secure equipment to your ladder! Vertical Velcro straps lock around ladder rung, while the horizontal Velcro straps hold your axe or roof hook, etc. Hundreds of Uses – Easy, Secure, Economical! Two Cinch Straps per set.

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    #CINCH Eagle Claw Cinch Straps, Set of 2 pcs.
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    Firefighter Glove Straps

    Secure gloves to turnout gear when not in use. Never lose or misplace your gloves again! 7″ glove strap with heavy steel clip and Velcro closure. Attaches to the front of turnout coat.

    Style Description Clip
    #GSB-2 Strap with Fixed Snap Hook fixed snap hook
    #GSB-3 Strap with Swivel Scissor Snap swivel scissor snap

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    Custom Glove Straps

    Great for trade shows, expos, sales leads, or customer appreciation!

    Custom Glove straps are a great way to advertise your company name at trade shows, or to cement your company’s name recognition in the minds of customers. Choose strap color, style of hook you prefer, and either HEATSET print or LOGO TAG print. Heatset print is available in any color, including reflective ANSI silver and reflective yellow. Minimum Order: 50 pcs.

    Minimum order for LOGO TAG is 100 pieces. Tag Size= 1″H x 4″L Any Color. Send logo artwork to: or contact us for free design help.

    Style Description Hook Style
    #GSB-2H Heatset Strap with Fixed Snap Hook fixed snap hook
    #GSB-2T Logo Tag Strap with Fixed Snap Hook fixed snap hook
    #GSB-3H Heatset Strap with Scissor Snap Hook swivel scissor snap
    #GSB-3T Logo Tag Strap with Scissor Snap Hook swivel scissor snap

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    Firefighter Strap

    Firefighter Strap for axe and halligan with adjustable shoulder strap. Heavy black webbing with orange webbing & Velcro wraparounds to secure tools.

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    #FF-3 Firefighter Strap
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    Extinguisher Strap

    Tank/Extinguisher Strap includes side carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap, reflective trim. Webbing basket prevents slippage.

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    #T-106 Extinguisher Strap
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    Ladder Hook Retention Strap

    The Ladder Hook Retention Strap is a simple, economical – yet highly effective item for firefighters. Webbing folds around harness belt with Velcro attachment. The other end of the strap has adjustable snap ends to secure carabiner. LHRS was designed by Don Colarusso of AllHandsFire. Photos courtesy of AHF.

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    #LHRS Ladder Hook Retention Strap
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    Radio ID Bands

    Reflective Radio ID Bands (any title) wrap around radio chest harness and allow quick identification of personnel. Available in three sizes for any radio harness application. Wrap made of durable MagnaTuff with Velcro closure. Your choice of any black print/name on 3M reflective panels.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #FRO-ID1 Reflective radio ID bands (any title) 18″L
    #FRO-ID2 Reflective radio ID bands (any title) 16″L
    #FRO-ID3 Reflective radio ID bands (any title) 14″L

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    Radio Stabilizers

    Radio Stabilizers hold radio in place when used with radio strap and case. Swivel scissor hooks on each end.

    Two styles to choose from:

    • Economy Strap #RSTAB made with 1″ black webbing
    • Premium Strap #RSTAB-L made of thick, black hide leather, riveted between scissor hooks on each end
    Style Description
    #RSTAB Radio Stabilizer – webbing
    #RSTAB-L Radio Stabilizer – leather
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    Heavy Duty Anchor Straps/Twin Loops/Continuous Loop Slings

    Hundreds of uses…can be used to secure equipment, foot stirrups, emergency tethers, rigging, anchor slings, securing equipment… possibilities limited only by imagination. Made of 1″ solid flat nylon webbing with reinforced stitching in contrasting colors. Minimum breaking strength end to end 6,000 lbs. Black only.

    Standard lengths: 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″, 120″
    Custom lengths available also!

    Style Description
    #STR Anchor Strap
    #TWI Twin Loop
    #SLI Loop Sling
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    Cylinder Straps

    Cylinder Straps make it easy to deliver compressed air cylinders to remote locations, or for high-rise applications. Just slip the end loops on the strap over the neck of each cylinder. Can also be used to hoist cylinders to upper floors. Bright orange 2″ webbing makes strap easy to locate. Carry handle makes it easy to grab – even with gloves on!

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    #CYL Cylinder Strap
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    Universal Carriers

    Easy to transport any bottles or items over any distances. Heavy 2″ black webbing with Velcro straps.

    Unique Features:

    • Fits any size bottle! Wrap it around any item up to 16″ diameter!
    • Adjustable Velcro straps will not slip, even when wet
    • 11″ handle with adjustable straps
    Style Description
    #UC Universal Carrier
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    Webbing Rolls

    Black Webbing in 25-foot precut lengths or 50-ft rolls or 300-ft rolls. A MUST HAVE for every firefighter. Raise or lower tools, equipment, remove debris, secure any object, tie-downs, drag ties, tie vehicle doors during rescues, etc. Rolls into small coil in turnout coat pockets.

    Nylon – 1″ wide, 6,000 lbs. maximum breaking strength

    Style Description Dimensions
    #NYL-1-25 Nylon Webbing Roll 1″ wide x 25′ long
    #NYL-1-50 Nylon Webbing Roll 1″ wide x 50′ long

    Polypro – 3/4″, 1-1/2″ or 2″ wide. 700 lbs. maximum breaking strength

    Style Description Dimensions
    #POL-75-25 Polypro Webbing Roll 3/4″W x 25′ long
    #POL-50-25 Polypro Webbing Roll 1/2″W x 25′ long
    #POL-2-25 Polypro Webbing Roll 2″W x 25′ long
    #POL-75-300 Polypro Webbing Roll 3/4″W x 300′ long
    #POL-50-300 Polypro Webbing Roll 1/2″W x 300′ long
    #POL-2-300 Polypro Webbing Roll 2″W x 300′ long
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