Umbilical Covers

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    Hydraulic Hose Bags

    Holds up to 100ft of hydraulic rescue hose – keeping couplings protected and hose properly coiled. Velcro closure, Webbing carry straps sewn around body of bag to support weight of hose. Also includes bottom handle to allow quick release from bag. Made of MagnaTuff material.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #HB-1 Hydraulic Hose Bag 22″ x 22″ x 4″
    #HB-2 Hydraulic Hose Bag with reflective Triple-Trim 22″ x 22″ x 4″

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    Umbilical Covers

    Umbilical Covers are 100 ft. long and designed to hold breathing lines, communication cables, safety lines, etc., all in one easy to manage protected line for confined space rescue or hazmat operations. Umbilicals are available in six distinct colors to allow easy line management.

    Unique Features:

    • Constructed of rugged MagnaTuff material with internal PVC lining
    • Velcro closure along entire length of umbilical allows access at any point
    • Also includes webbing loops spaced every 2 feet to allow safety line on outside
    • Start & end points have loops to allow umbilicals to be joined together with space for couplings
    • 100 ft. long x 6” wide (open width)
    • Custom lengths available
    Style Description Dimensions
    #UMB-100-R Red 100′ long
    #UMB-100-Y Yellow 100′ long
    #UMB-100-O Orange 100′ long
    #UMB-100-BK Black 100′ long
    #UMB-100-BL Blue 100′ long
    #UMB-100-G Green 100′ long

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    Umbilical Hose Bag

    Umbilical Hose Bag is designed to carry 100ft. of umbilical lines and covers in one convenient case. Made of durable MagnaTuff™ material, with webbing straps sewn around body of bag to support weight. Custom Reflective Title may be added to bag, if desired.

    Style Description Dimensions
    #UMBBAG100 Umbilical Hose Bag 36″L x24″Hx20″W

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