Reflective Nomex SCBA ID Bands promote visibility and accountability of units operating on the fireground. Made of 4.5 oz. Nomex fabric with reflective print. Attaches with velcro to front shoulder strap & rear cross straps of SCBA harness without interfering in operations. Fits ANY size/brand SCBA. Available individually or in sets (1 front & 1 back). Easily customizable – up to 5 total letters/numbers can be placed on bands. Your choice of silver reflective or yellow reflective print. Custom product.

Style Description Dimensions
SCBA-IDF Standard Front 2.75″W x 5.5″H
SCBA-IDR Standard Rear 5.5″W x 4″H
SCBA-IDSET Set of 1 front & 1 rear band standard
SCBA-IDF-MSA MSA G1 Front 3.5″W x 5.5″H
SCBA-IDR-MSA MSA G1 Rear 5.5″W x 4″H
SCBA-IDSET-MSA Set of 1 front & 1 rear for MSA G1

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